Extreme water restrictions apply from Monday, 14 October 2019  ** Conditions apply

  • No filling of new pools using Bathurst water supply
  • Topping up of pools will ONLY be allowed with an approved Council Pool Permit (see Resources & Forms tab)

** Conditions: Permits may be granted to indoor public pools and hydrotherapy pools. Permits may be granted to private pools for the express purpose of minimising damage to existing pools. Further conditions will apply.

During extreme water restrictions topping up of residential pools using Bathurst water supply is not allowed without a Council permit.

When completing and submitting a Council pool permit for topping up a residential pool, pool owners must provide evidence from the pool manufacturer, or other evidence, that notes the potential damage to infrastructure which would result if their pool water level is not kept at a certain level.

For full details see the Swimming Pool Information Sheet, Swimming Pool Business Additional Information Sheet and Swimming Pool Permit under the Resources & Forms tab in this section.

If pool owners have an independent alternative water supply to Bathurst water supply, a permit is not required. Note: a tank that is connected to Bathurst water supply network is not an independent alternative water supply. 

Extreme water restrictions for residential pools are in place to minimise damage to pool owners' infrastructure while simultaneously ensuring Bathurst's limited water supply is kept for drinking purposes wherever possible during these exceptionally dry times.  

In the event that a pool is permitted to be topped up using Bathurst water supply, pool owners and users are expected to refrain from any activities that result in water splashing out from use (e.g. 'bombing' into the pool), as this will result in an unnecessary draw on the limited water resources of Bathurst water supply.

Pool covers should be kept on for as long as is safe and feasible, to further limit water loss from evaporation. Pool owners should contact their pool manufacturer or pool expert to ensure the pool covering times take into account possible infrastructure damage and health hazards from chlorine over-concentration, algae build-up and other results of covering pools. 

A reminder: A condition of Council's Pool Permit for topping up of a residential pool, is that pool owner's NOT engage in pool activities that splash water from the pool, as this will lead to unnecessary use of limited drinking water resources.


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