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Wondering what to read next? These websites will help you discover more books to suit all moods and ages. You can access book reviews, recommendations, and the latest book news. Explore who else writes like your favourite authors and connect with other book lovers.

Our staff have a compiled Reading Lists that provide a guide to some of the most popular genres.

Reading Lists

Something missing? Let us know what lists you would like to see.

  • Beanstack


    Beanstack is a free online service that offers an innovative new way to connect readers of all ages with books, engaging reading activities and reading recommendations. It includes book and activity logging, badges and registration for all members of the family under one account.
  • Better Reading

    Better Reading

    Better Reading aims to be a source of independent book recommendations for Australian readers and their families. Subscribe to their mailing list, search book lists, or browse by subject.Better Reading is all about sharing great stories and helping people discover new books and authors. They offer author events, podcasts and more.
  • Books and Authors

    Books and Authors

    Answer the age-old question, 'What do I read next?' Search and match reading interests to books, authors, genres, or topics.
  • Cereal Readers

    Cereal Readers

    Cereal Readers is a book resource website where you can find books published in series for children and young adults. Cereal Readers recognise that books in series are vitally important to both avid and reluctant readers alike.
  • Fantastic Fiction

    Fantastic Fiction

    The ultimate fiction book list with over 40,000 authors listed! Each author page includes a wealth of information, including books by the author, series they’ve written listed in order, similar authors based on the activity of other users, and relevant genre pages.
  • Good Reading Hub

    Good Reading Hub

    Access to all areas of the Good Reading Hub for Book Lovers. Access Good Reading magazine online (note that hard copies are available in the library). Read independent reviews, listen to podcasts, keep up with the latest book news and find the best books for kids. All in one place. You can set up a profile where you can build your own wish list of books you want to read and recommend books to other readers.
  • Good Reads

    Good Reads

    Good reads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Its mission is to help people find and share books they love.
  • Literature Map

    Literature Map

    The tourist map of Literature. Enter the name of an author you like and Literature Map will provide similar authors. The cool thing about Literature-Map is that it visually indicates how similar the options are to the author you started with. Click on another name on the map and that author will be brought to the centre and a new set of similar authors will appear.
  • The Newtown review of books

    The Newtown review of books

    The Newtown Review of Books (NRB) is an online review of books produced entirely by volunteers. NRB reviews fiction, memoir, biography, history, politics and true crime. They do not review poetry or children’s books. Reviews are posted twice a week.
  • PK Mag

    PK Mag

    PK mag is a fun and interactive site where primary school students can express their ideas and thoughts and share their creativity in words, art, film or music. PK Mag is designed to encourage a love of reading and is aimed at 8-12 year olds. It’s a great place to find the next exciting book to read or to see what other primary school kids are getting up to across Australia.
  • The Reading Culture Podcast

    The Reading Culture Podcast

    Reading regularly helps prepare students—academically and emotionally—to be global citizens. Listen in as Jordan Lloyd Bookey speaks with diverse authors about their own journeys as readers and storytellers, their perspectives on the cultural climate in children’s and young adult literature, and the experiences that motivated them to read more. Each episode features a themed reading list challenge of titles handpicked by the author to inspire students and readers of all ages.
  • Spine out

    Spine out

    SpineOut is an exciting bi-monthly online mag delivering interactive options for teens. Find new and recommended YA books to borrow and read. You can express your ideas and thoughts and share your creativity in words, art, film or music by uploading submissions in a variety of formats, like pdf, video, mp3, jpg and more. A selection of submissions is published in each issue. Get reading and get published!
  • The Sydney Review of Books

    The Sydney Review of Books

    The Sydney Review of Books (SRB) publishes critical, creative, ambitious, and engaging writing on contemporary literature and culture. Each week the SRB presents new review essays, feature essays, and interviews, as well as curating a lively series of public programs throughout the year.
  • Which Book

    Which Book

    A new way to choose where the reader is in control. Using a sliding scale, you can choose how much of one way or another a book should be. For example, on a scale from optimistic to bleak, how do you like your books? Short to long? Expected to unpredictable? In addition of choosing books by mood and emotion, you can also choose from a world map and by character and plot.
  • Who Else Writes Like....?

    Who Else Writes Like....?

    Designed to help fiction readers who have read all the books by their favourite authors discover new authors who are similar. A perfect resource when your favourite author no longer writes!
  • Who Next

    Who Next

    An online tool to help children aged 5-14+ years decide what to read next based on their favourite authors, age group or themes.
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