Pesticide Notifications

Pesticide Notification Number 210523
Chemical Name Azamax Insecticide Insecticide
Description Pesticide application to Eucalyptus plantings
Chemical Use Insect Control
Relevant Product Warnings Do not ingest Non Hazardous
Site Name Brian Booth Recreational Ground
Proposed Start Date Between 2020-08-19 and 2020-09-25
Person to Apply Pesticide Skillset Landworks Jack Spork & Jack Fry
Supervisor Name Kristie Kearney
Supervisor Contact Details Kristie Kearney
Pesticide Notification Number 211464
Chemical Name Monument Herbicide
Description herbicide application
Chemical Use Control of Weeds General
Relevant Product Warnings
Site Name Proctor Park
Proposed Start Date Between 2020-10-26 and 2020-10-30
Person to Apply Pesticide Sportsground staff
Supervisor Name Trevor Simm
Supervisor Contact Details 0427259835
Pesticide Notification Number 213621
Chemical Name Twin Herbicide
Description Broad leaf application with in the playground area
Chemical Use Broad Leaf Weeds
Relevant Product Warnings May irritate skin Slight smell
Site Name Victoria Park
Proposed Start Date Between 2021-03-08 and 2021-04-23
Person to Apply Pesticide Brady Davison
Supervisor Name Trevor Simm
Supervisor Contact Details 0427259835


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