Gasworks Rehabilitation


Former Bathurst Gasworks SiteGas works Strip

The former Bathurst Gasworks site, on Russell Street, was operated from 1888 until 1979 in conjunction with Orange City and Lithgow Councils. The site was then leased to AGL in 1979, who continued to produce gas at the site until 1987. Since that time, the site has remained relatively unused, however is subject to a special lease with Jemena.

Remediation of the gasworks site to date have been notable and Council would like to thank all parties involved that have assisted to date. The operational elements of the gasworks site remain relatively intact, with structures including the retort houses, gasholders, boiler, tar wells and tar tank.

Please note that Council cannot grant access to the Gasworks site, as it is neither the owner nor the lessee of the site.

Remediation Process

The site was identified by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) as a Significant Risk of Harm to human health and the environment, and a high priority for remediation. On 17 August 2004 the EPA issued a declaration of remediation site to Council. Council engaged a consultant to prepare a remediation action plan for the site. On 7 July 2006 a voluntary remediation proposal was published, with two stages of remediation works.

Stage 1:

Council removed the Significant Risk of Harm by removing and treating tarry wastes from the site, including the tar well, ammonia well, purifier shed and storage tanks. The tarry wastes were treated by Batch Thermal Decomposition, which uses very high heat (but no flame) to break down the chemicals. Resulting gases were trapped in a Wet Scrubber Filter. This process lasted 72 hours per batch, and the treated waste was disposed of to a licensed waste management facility.

Stage 1 was completed in March 2009 with a $500, 000 grant from the NSW Environmental Trust.

Stage 2:

Council assessed the two gasometers (gas holders) for impact on the soil and groundwater. Council installed ten new groundwater monitoring wells on the site to allow for easy sample collection for future monitoring.

Stage 2 was completed in December 2009 with a second grant from the NSW Environment Trust.

Current status

Council received a Notice of Completion of Approved Voluntary Management Proposal from the EPA on 12 June 2015. This notice approves all the remediation actions taken by Council.

The land is no longer considered "significantly contaminated land" under the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 and is no longer subject to EPA regulation.

No further remediation works are required to be completed by Bathurst Regional Council at the site.

Further information on contaminated sites

Information on relating to all current and former notices for all sites in NSW can be access through the NSW EPA website at

A search by suburb, date, notice type or local government area can be made.




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