Bathurst Airport - PFAS Investigation

Bathurst Regional Council is working closely with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) following testing that indicated the presence of per- and poly- fluoralkyl substances (PFAS) in some soil and water on Council land at Bathurst Airport.

PFAS was historically used in firefighting foam worldwide, including in foams used at the airport until 1998.

Following the results of initial testing Council has engaged a consultant to assess if PFAS is present offsite, including on nearby properties. Council has appointed a consultant to undertake the detailed testing required. The consultant undertook filed work during December 2017 collecting water, soil, sediment and biota samples for testing and analysis.

Council has also provided relevant landowners with a water use survey, requesting information on how water is used on properties near the airport.  This information has been collated and provided to the consultant as part of the project to determine whether PFAS is present offsite.

The assessment of the field work and other material is expected to take up to six months.

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For more information on PFAS

A factsheet providing more information on PFAS and human health is available from the Commonwealth Department of Human Health website at

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