Accepting Fill onto your Land

Contaminated fill can cause harm to human health and the environment, and the landowner will be responsible for any clean-up costs, fines or prosecution. Contaminated fill may include building or demolition waste, chemicals or chemical residue, or asbestos. Land contamination can permanently devalue your property.

Clean fill can also cause damage to the environment if it spills or erodes into watercourses or over habitat areas.

Before accepting fill you need to find out whether you need approval from Council to accept the fill and use it for your intended purposes.

When accepting fill on your land:

  1. be certain it is not contaminated
  2. check the supplier and the source. Ask for proof of identification and information such as the address of the source, a waste classification and consider inspecting the source.
  3. If you are concerned about the quality of the fill, request that the material is sampled and analysed for potential contaminants before accepting it. Always ask to see the original laboratory results. Supplying false or misleading information is an offence.
  4. Supervise delivery of all loads of fill onto your property to ensure that you receive only what you have ordered.
  5. Keep copies of all documents and communication about the fill you receive, including the name and address of the supplier and transporter, the registration details of all vehicles that transport fill to your property, and ask drivers for proof of identity or employment, such as their driver’s licence or company delivery dockets.

For more information, or to report contaminated fill, contact the Council's Environment Section on 6333 6511

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