Threatened Species in the Bathurst Region

The Bathurst Region is home to a range of threatened species, ranging from Koalas, Scarlet Robins, to the Purple Copper Butterfly. Council engaged Mjadwesch Environmental Service Support (MESS) to compile all known threatened species records. A summary of the research and list of species in the Threatened Species Database can be downloaded here

There are 90 threatened plants and animal species in the region, including:

  • 16 plants
  • 1 invertebrate - the Bathurst Copper Butterfly
  • 4 fish
  • 3 frogs
  • 6 reptiles
  • 39 birds
  • 21 mammals

The Bathurst region contains stands of White Box - Yellow Box- Blakely's Red Gum Grassy Woodland and Derived Native Grassland, more commonly known as Box-gum Woodland (BGW), which is a critically endangered ecological community.

Report Native Wildlife or Plants

Have you seen a threatened or uncommon animal or plant in the Bathurst Region?

We are encouraging all residents and visitors to report your sightings using the attached form and emailing the completed form to . 

Sightings can be made from your own property, road reserves, or parks.  Reporting sightings will help improve our understanding of our local biodiversity and help contribute to the management of these species. Please note that this information may be made available to the Office of Environment and Heritage for their Atlas of NSW Wildlife Database.

Honeyeater by Dean IngwersenThe critically endangered Regent Honeyeater (photo by Dean Ingwersen)

 Council is working to restore endangered communities and species by improving the habitat available.

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