Strategies and Management Plans

Council has developed a series of strategies to assess and prioritise the restoration and rehabilitation of our environmental assets in the Bathurst region.

Projects and other actions identified in these strategies are implemented as resources allow.

Bathurst Urban Waterways Management Plan

The Bathurst Urban Waterways Management Plan was adopted by Council in 2010. The study covers the six main urban tributaries of the Macquarie Wambuul River – that is Raglan, Jorban, Hawthornden, Sawpit, Saltram and Queen Charlotte’s Vale Creeks. A copy of the plan is available here.

An updated condition assessment of the condition of the creeks was completed and is available here.

Biodiversity Management Plan

The aim of the Biodiversity Management Plan is to identify strategies and prioritised actions by which Council can better monitor, protect and manage biodiversity assets within the Bathurst Region.

This aim is to be achieved with the adoption of a number of project objectives, these being:

  • Improve the integration of biodiversity conservation into land use planning instruments and the development assessment process;
  • Protect and enhance the biodiversity of natural areas on land under Council care and control;
  • Identify priority conservation areas and biodiversity values to be maintained and restored across all land tenures;
  • Provide strategies to improve community awareness as well as encourage and
  • Support community participation in biodiversity conservation;
  • Be guided by national, state and regional targets;
  • Improve biodiversity knowledge and data management within the Bathurst Region.

The Biodiversity Management Plan can be downloaded here.

Pest Bird Management Plan

Responsibility for controlling pest birds, such as pigeons, falls to the property owner where they are present. In 2012 Council adopted the Pest Bird Management Plan. Council conducts regular trapping and removal programs is high priority locations. The Pest Bird Management Plan and a range of useful fact sheets are available to assist the community:

Roadside Vegetation Management Plan

Bathurst Regional Vegetation Management Plan

Mount Panorama Fauna Management Strategy

Council adopted the Mount Panorama Fauna Management Strategy as a working document in 2012. A summary of the strategy can be found here.


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