Land for Wildlife Program

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary conservation program for landholders coordinated by the Community Environment Network (CEN). Bathurst Regional Council supports property owners who wish to manage their land in an environmentally sensitive way.Land For Wildlife

The free program involves managing land for ecological benefit with the assistance of the CEN. Landholders receive an environmental property assessment and a free sign to mark land reserved for wildlife. Information workshops, meetings, fact sheets and newsletters support landholders in their management practices. 

Registration is voluntary and does not change the legal status of a property.

For more information about the land for wildlife program visit the CEN Land for Wildlife website.

The program is available to landholders who:

  1. Have at least half a hectare or more of native bush land
  2. Are willing to manage all or part of their property in an environmentally sustainable way

The Land for Wildlife program is available to private landholders who own properties ranging from small bush blocks up to large farming and grazing operations.

Schools and Council managed public land may also qualify for Land for Wildlife.