Bathurst Heritage Street Tree Audit

In 2003, Council adopted the Bathurst Vegetation Management Plan (VMP), which is Council’s strategic planning document for the management of vegetation issues within Bathurst. 

As a result, a Street Tree Audit was commissioned to develop a database of all trees within the Bathurst Heritage Conservation Area, the main city entrance roads as well as the villages of Hill End and Rockley.  The purpose for the development of the street tree audit was to provide and develop a management tool to assist Council in the following aspects:

  1. To maintain the character, function and aesthetic appeal of Bathurst's Heritage Conservation Areas.
  2. The production of tree maintenance and replacement schedules.
  3. Minimise its risk in relation to public liability, including injury and damage to persons or property.
  4. Reduce costs associated with maintaining sub-optimal trees.

In October 2006, Australian Tree Consultants Pty Ltd were awarded a commission to commence the audit process:

  1. A condition assessment of all street trees within the Heritage Conservation area and the main highway approaches to Bathurst, as well as trees in Hill End and Rockley.
  2. An electronic database of the results of the audit
  3. The provision of a written report with recommendations:
  • Plant species recommendations, with respect to Heritage Conservation Areas, the VMP and infrastructure constraints
  • Recommendations to enhance the streetscape
  • Identification of locations for tree planting
  • Identification of trees for removal
  • Identification of trees for remediation

Audit Findings

The following table has been extracted from the audit results and shows a summary of trees in each category:

Location Area Investigation required Maintenance required Trees to be removed Planting Opportunities Total Trees
BATHURST 43 751 220 819 3310
ROCKLEY 0 27 22 53 115
HILL END 2 40 23 15 127
GILMOUR ST 0 47 7 78 105
GREAT WESTERN HWY 2 145 39 112 252
VALE RD 12 128 28 73 215
MID WESTERN HWY 0 15 10 71 81
MITCHELL HWY 2 30 14 82 90
VICTORIA PARK 0 22 23 - 43
GEORGE PARK 1 8 1 - 13
MACHATTIE PARK 0 37 0 - 54
TOTAL TREES 62 1254 396 1303 4421

Attached in the below links are the maps of all tree works and planting opportunities that have been identified as a result of the Bathurst Heritage Street Tree Audit.

Download a copy of the Heritage Street Tree Audit Report.

Street Tree Maps:


Council regularly maintains public trees for safety and amenity. To report a damaged or unhealthy tree, contact Council on 6333 6111.




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