Flying Foxes - Machattie Park

Flying foxes are nomadic mammals that fly across eastern and northern Australia.

A colony of flying foxes has established a camp within Machattie Park. The two species seen in the colony are the grey headed and little red flying foxes.

The flying foxes established the camp within Machattie Park in November 2017. Since then, Council has been in discussions with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and requested information on options available to Council in regard to the camp.

The majority of the flying foxes in Machattie Park are grey headed flying foxes which are listed as vulnerable and protected in both the State and Commonwealth threatened species legislation.

The flying fox camp is protected under legislation.

Council is:

• Developing a Flying Fox Camp Management Plan

• Seeking grant funds to assist with the management of flying fox camps

• Running a community awareness campaign regarding the flying fox camp including information about flying foxes

• Continuing to maintain the park and relocating picnic tables to other areas of Machattie Park

• Implementing work health and safety measures for Council’s parks and gardens staff working in Machattie Park

• Continuing to monitor the effects of the flying fox population while they remain in Machattie Park

More information on Council’s management of the flying fox camp can be found here

More information on flying foxes can be found from the links listed below:


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