State of the Environment Report

Under the new Integrated Planning and Development Framework Councils are required to develop environmental objectives with their communities in relation to local environmental issues. These environmental objectives form part of each Council's overarching Community Strategic Plan. Under the new framework Councils are required to prepare annual reports which include reporting on their environmental objectives. The annual report in the year in which a Council election is held must include a State of the Environment Report (SoE). (The next report is due in 2016).

As one of four key themes of the Bathurst 2036 Community Strategic Plan (CSP), Bathurst Regional Council (BRC) is committed to environmental sustainability. The CSP outlines nine objectives which describe the desire of Council and the community to achieve environmental sustainability. These are to:

  • promote sustainable and energy efficient growth.
  • protect and enhance the region's landscapes, views, vistas, open spaces and the Macquarie River.
  • protect and enhance the region's biodiversity.
  • protect the region's unique heritage and history. To protect a unique identity.
  • protect and enhance water quality and riparian ecology.
  • minimise the City's environmental footprint.
  • encourage less car dependency.
  • secure a sustainable water supply and raise awareness on water issues.
  • encourage sustainable waste management practices, including opportunities for energy generation.

The CSP was prepared based on extensive community consultation and the environmental objectives reflect the values and priorities of the local community.

While only required once every four years, BRC has chosen to prepare an annual Interim SoE so that it can more readily produce a comprehensive SoE Report in 2016 that covers the intervening years.

The reports describe how Council, its' partners and the community are working together to achieve the CSP environmental objectives. The report examines trends in key environmental indicators under the themes of Atmosphere and Climate, Land, Water, Biodiversity, Towards Sustainability and People and Communities.

In addition to preparing its own SoE, Council also participates in the Greater Central West Regional State of the Environment Report. This enables BRC to compare its activities on a regional basis with other local government areas and cities of similar size and demographics. It also facilitates better understanding of trends in the condition of environmental assets which transcend political boundaries.

2017-2018 Bathurst Region SoE

2017-2018 Greater Central West Regional SoE

2016-2017 Bathurst Region SoE

2016 Greater Central West Regional SoE

2012-2016 Bathurst Regional Council SoE

2015 Greater Central West Regional SoE Snapshot

2015 Bathurst Regional Council Interim SoE

2014 Greater Central West Regional SoE Snapshot

2014 Bathurst Regional Council Interim SoE

2013 Greater Central West Regional SoE Snapshot

2013 Bathurst Regional Council Interim SoE

2012 Supplementary SOE

2012 Greater Central West Region SOE

2011 Supplementary SOE

2011 Greater Central West Region SOE

2010 Supplementary SOE

2010 Greater Central West Region SOE

2009 Comprehensive SOE

2009 Greater Central West Region SOE

2008 Regional Supplementary SOE

2008 Supplementary SOE

2007 Supplementary SOE

2006 Supplementary SOE

2005 Comprehensive SOE


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