Roadside Vegetation Management Plan

In April 2018, Bathurst Regional Council adopted a Roadside Vegetation Management Plan. The plan covers all non-urban roadsides in the Bathurst Regional Local Government Area and was prepared by NGH Environmental. The Roadside Vegetation Management Plan replaces and builds upon the 2007 Roadside Vegetation Management Guidelines and is based upon assessment of the conservation value of all roadside vegetation undertaken by NGH Environmental between 2013 and 2016.

The purpose of the plan is to promote good management of roadside vegetation particularly in relation to environmental values. The plan defines the strategic framework and management principles which will guide actions within the road reserves to achieve good management.

Specifically, the goals of the Roadside Vegetation Management Plan are to:

  • Improve the management of Roadside Vegetation in the Bathurst Region LGA;
  • Better integrate roadside environmental management with Council planning mechanisms including the Community Strategic Plan and Delivery Plan;
  • Protect and enhance the environmental values of roadside vegetation under Council care and control;
  • Identify priority management actions to enhance the environmental values of the roadside reserves;
  • Provide strategies to improve community awareness of roadside environmental values and compliance with relevant legislation and Council policies.

The reassessment of roadside vegetation and the preparation of the Roadside Vegetation Management Plan fulfil a number of recommended actions of the Bathurst Biodiversity Management Plan (2012) including:

  • Action AO1 - Undertake a comprehensive roadside survey of high and medium conservation roadside vegetation and identify threats, including to provide prioritised recommendations and guidelines for roadside management in specific areas.
  • Action AO4 - Develop biodiversity plan/s of management for the protection, enhancement and linkage of native vegetation along rural roads.

Download the Roadside Vegetation Management Plan and associated Maps.

For more information call Council's Environment Section on 6333 6276.