Biodiversity Management Plan

Bathurst Regional Council has recently adopted the Biodiversity Management Plan. This plan was produced for Council by Mactaggart Natural Resource Management under the Bathurst Dubbo Alliance Project 'Inspiring & Integrating Change', and has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.

Council identified that a comprehensive Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) for the BRC Local Government Area (LGA) was needed to assist Council with future planning, monitoring and management of biodiversity.

With increasing pressures on our natural resources, heightened public awareness and growing community sentiment, issues of ecologically sustainable development and biodiversity conservation have become more critical for councils to administer.

The BMP will be used to assist BRC in developing policies, inform strategic planning decisions, assist in the assessment of development applications and define a program of on-ground actions for BRC and the community to work towards.

A forerunner to the BMP was the Biodiversity Management Issues Paper (Issues Paper) prepared in 2010 for BRC by Applied Ecology Pty Ltd. The Issues Paper provided context for the BMP and covers many biodiversity-related management issues.

The aim of the BMP is to identify strategies and prioritised actions by which Council can better monitor, protect and manage biodiversity assets within the Bathurst Regional Council Local Government Area (Bathurst Region).

This aim is to be achieved with the adoption of a number of project objectives, these being:

  • Improve the integration of biodiversity conservation into land use planning instruments and the development assessment process;
  • Protect and enhance the biodiversity of natural areas on land under Council care and control;
  • Identify priority conservation areas and biodiversity values to be maintained and restored across all land tenures;
  • Provide strategies to improve community awareness as well as encourage and
  • support community participation in biodiversity conservation;
  • Be guided by national, state and regional targets, including the Central West
  • Catchment Action Plan, the Lachlan Catchment Plan, the NSW State Plan, the NSW Biodiversity Strategy 2010-2015 and Australia’s Biodiversity  Conservation Strategy 2010-2030; and
  • Improve biodiversity knowledge and data management within the Bathurst Region.

Copies of the Biodiversity Management Plan can be downloaded here.

For more information call Council's Environment Section on 6333 6276.