Urban Drainage Reserve Vegetation

The Bathurst Urban Drainage Reserve Vegetation Link is a programme conducted by Bathurst Regional Council, as part of the Bathurst - Orange - Dubbo Alliance project "Inspiring and Integrating Change'.  This project, assisted by the the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust is designed to "Inspire an understanding of and commitment to sustainability through innovative on-ground works and community engagement".

Stage 1 of the the Vegetation Link programme is now complete, withDrainage Reserve Kelso over 24,000 seedlings of dozens of locally native species planted across 5 reserves. The reserves are located in Kelso, Windradyne and Llanarth. A map of these urban vegetation reserves can be downloaded here.
The vegetation link programme is specifically designed to improve water quality, increase aquatic and riparian habitat and increase community awareness in regards to environmental issues in the urban context.

The Vegetation Link project identified 11 key urban drainage reserves that have been historically modified, and though still act as seasonal watercourses, have lost much of their habitat and ecological values.  The vegetation link project will revegetate sections of these drainage reserves so that there will be improved habitat connectivity for native animals, improved filtering of urban water by aquatic plants and reduced erosion as well as improving the aesthetics and amenity of the area.

The first part of the Vegetation Link project was completed in December 2010, with the development of the revegetation plan  and revegetation report  by consultants, Applied Ecology. In 2011, Council engaged Greater West Landscapes (formerly Australian Wetlands Pty Ltd) to plant more than 24,000 native seedlings at five of the drainage reserves.  

Greater West Landscapes was responsible for the maintenance of the site until the end of 2012, but the local community is encouraged to participate in community days at sites in their local area.

Community days are held at a variety of local reserves across Bathurst and are a great way to get involved in your community, meet your neighbours, learn about native plants and what species can work in your own yards.

For more information on this project, please call Council's Environment Section on 6333 6276.

To get involved in community planting days, or for more information, please Call Council's Parks Section on 6333 6100.