Conservation of Roadside Vegetation


ConservationTawny Frogmouth on Boundary Rd

Bathurst Regional Council supports the protection and conservation of roadside vegetation. As well as being aesthetically pleasing as you drive along country roads, it is important to look after these areas as they conserve remnant native vegetation and provide habitat for native animals. They can also act as important wildlife corridors for animals moving between areas of bushland. Roadside reserves can also contain threatened plant and animal species which increases the importance of managing these areas well.

Bathurst Regional Council has recently adopted a Roadside Vegetation Management Plan which aims to protect and enhance the environmental values of roadside vegetation. More information about the plan can be found here.

In conjunction with Local Land Services (LLS), an awareness video has been produced about the conservation of Roadside vegetation, click this link to watch.

Alternatively, a shortened 30 second video is available here.


Roadside reserves are protected areas. Collecting firewood, plants, rocks or other materials or cutting down or damaging trees within a Council road reserve is not permitted.

For more information about firewood collection click here.

For more information about vegetation in the Bathurst area, contact Council's Environmental Section by phone on (02) 6333 6511.

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