Battling Bushland Weeds at Mount Panorama

The project will involve strategic weed control to improve the condition of 25ha of endangered Box Gum Grassy Woodlands across the Inner Track Reserve at Mount Panorama.

This vegetation type once dominated large areas of the landscape within the Bathurst Region; however less than 5% of these original woodlands now remain across Australia.

Noxious and environmental weeds (such as privet, firethorn and cotoneaster) will be controlled across the reserve using best practice techniques. The weeds that are being targeted are forming a mid-canopy that is altering light levels, restricting native regeneration, and providing excessive amounts of fleshy fruit resulting in an increase in exotic bird species. Many birds depend on healthy woodlands for survival including the Diamond Firetail, a species of finch whose conservation status is listed as vulnerable in NSW.

These weeds will be replaced with dense prickly native shrubs such as Kangaroo thorn and Bursaria, which will be planted in clusters to provide habitat for small woodland birds as well as reduce the potential for future weed reinvasion and erosion. Revegetation is proposed for Autumn 2018.

The project is supported by the Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government.

Inner Track Reserve


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