Brooke Moore Woodland

With financial assistance from the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust, Council in cooperation with Greening Bathurst has an on-going project to conserve and enhance a rare remnant of native vegetation in urban Bathurst.

 Brooke Moore Woodland is a small remnant of native vegetation adjacent to the corner Brooke Moore Woodlandof Alexander Street and Suttor Street in West Bathurst.  The site contains trees, grasses and other understorey plants which are characteristic of White Box/Yellow Box/Blakely’s Red Gum Woodland which has been listed by the NSW Scientific Committee as an Endangered Ecological Community.  Less than one percent of this vegetation type, which once extended on the better quality soils of the slopes and ranges from northern Victoria to southern Queensland, still exists in reasonable condition.

Sometimes referred to as Grassy Box Woodland, the usual characteristics of this vegetation type include a widely spaced, mature upper canopy of two or three species of Eucalyptus trees and seedlings of various ages of these trees, few shrubs predominantly in moister areas, and an extremely diverse assortment of native grasses, herbs and forbs.  Many of these understorey plants are perennial species which are only apparent for a short flowering period, particularly during spring.  Healthy examples of Grassy Box Woodland also include both standing and fallen dead trees and bush rocks which provide habitat for a wide range of animals from microscopic insects to birds, bats, reptiles and larger mammals.

The Saving Brooke Moore Woodland project aims to minimise the threats to the site by the installation of fencing to restrict unauthorised vehicle access, necessary to prevent rubbish dumping and the uncontrolled collection of firewood and bush rock.  The site will however be accessible to the public through three pedestrian access ways.  The project has also seen the installation of a series of attractive signs to inform the community of the characteristics and components of this significant site.


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Flying Fox Habitat Tree Planting Day
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Community Tree Planting Day - Macquarie Wambul River