Racing to Save the Mount Panorama Woodlands

Bathurst Regional Council received grant funding from the NSW Environmental Trust through their Restoration and Rehabilitation program to carry out a three year project titled “Racing to Save the Mount Panorama Woodlands”. 

This project focused on improving the quality and extent of Box, Gum, Grassy Woodland – a State and Federally listed Endangered Ecological Community – on the slopes and foothills of Mount Panorama.

Mt Panorama BGW Chris MaculloughMt Panorama Woodlands, photo by Chris Macullough

Specifically, the project focused on the rehabilitation of the following four sites:

  • Blayney Road Common
  • Boundary Road Reserve
  • Albens Reserve
  • The roadside reserves on Boundary and Hinton Roads. 

Works included the development of management plans, weed control, fox and rabbit control, erosion control and prevention as well as habitat restoration.

Additionally, this project featured a large public education campaign to increase awareness of the Endangered Ecological Community that exists in the Bathurst region and to prevent the dumping of green waste and spread of weeds, the illegal collection of firewood and the control of cats and dogs in bushland areas.

The total area of managed, connected Box, Gum, Grassy Woodland in the Mount Panorama precinct increased through active management of the sites adjoining the Boundary Road Reserve as listed above.  Council worked closely with the Boundary Road Reserve Landcare Group who have been active managers of the Boundary Road Reserve for more than 15 years.