Environmental Projects

Brooke Moore Woodland

With financial assistance from the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust, Council in cooperation with Greening Bathurst has an on-going project to conserve and enhance a rare remnant of native vegetation in urban Bathurst.

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Conserving Koalas in the Bathurst Region

Koalas are a threatened species under both State and Federal legislation and are known to occur across parts of the Bathurst region. Remnants of Koala habitat still exist, however many of these areas are fragmented leaving this species at further risk of predation and road accidents.

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Heritage Tree Preservation and Management Policy

Trees provide soil stability, shade and shelter that are considered necessary in this climate. They are the basis for the retention and restoration of our dwindling wildlife and environment and create much of the oxygen needed by man.

Council has placed a tree preservation order on trees situated within various Heritage Conservation Areas throughout the Bathurst Region, including a number of villages. The Tree Preservation and Management Policy aims to protect, preserve, manage and enhance the environmental amenity, special landscape characteristics and the ecological values of trees within Heritage Conservation Areas of the Bathurst Regional Local Government Area (LGA).

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Maintenance Programs

Over recent years extensive research into the roles of ground covering vegetation has recognised the importance of deep rooted perennial vegetation in maintaining water quality.  As a result, guidelines and recommendations within national, state, regional and local planning instruments and relevant government legislation are guiding significant change in the ways that ground covering vegetation is managed.

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Peppers Creek Rockley Environmental Rehabilitation Project

Peppers Creek Rockley recently underwent a major environmental rehabilitation project which saw the removal of invasive riparian weeds species and the planting of 740 locally grown native trees, shrubs and rushes along its banks. Located at the entrance to the Rockley Sports Ground off Budden Street, the aim of the project is to reduce the presence of invasive riparian weeds such as willow, poplar and elm using best practice methods, improve habitat for native wildlife such as resident platypuses and birdlife, and to beautify and improve the health of this much loved creek.

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Perthville Black Gum (Eucalyptus aggregata) Offset Project

Important civil works that protect our communities from natural disasters, such as floods, can potentially impact on the conservation values of our native flora and fauna. At Perthville, the recent construction of the Perthville Floodwater Mitigation Works in 2017 required the removal of four mature Black Gums (Eucalyptus aggregata) from along the banks of Queen Charlotte Vale Creek. In NSW, Black Gums are identified as a threatened species under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (NSW).

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Queen Charlotte Vale Creek Royal Rehabilitation Treatment

Council's Queen Charlotte Vale Creek Royal Rehabilitation Project has been given the green light with the NSW Government's announcement that it will be funded under the latest round of the NSW Environmental Trust Restoration & Rehabilitation Grants Program. The recently acquired land along Queen Charlotte Vale Creek in Gormans Hill, Bathurst created a unique opportunity to rehabilitate 700 metres of this important waterway.

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Rehabilitating the Fish River

A stretch of the Fish River, adjacent to the O’Connell Bridge and Hassall Park, will be rehabilitated to create a healthier riparian corridor, and improve habitat for native fauna including the endangered Booroolong Frog.

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Rehabilitation of the Macquarie River Riparian Corridor

In 2018, Bathurst Regional Council was successful in receiving funding from the NSW State Governments Environmental Trust for the project titled ‘Rehabilitation of the Macquarie River Riparian Corridor’. To be completed over a three-year period, the project aims to rehabilitate and improve riparian vegetation condition along 1km of the Macquarie River to connect previously completed riparian rehabilitation projects and existing habitat areas.

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Reviving Raglan Creek

The project seeks to improve the quality of water that moves through the Raglan Creek sub-catchment into the Macquarie River and enhance biodiversity. Council was successful with an application for grant funding from the Local Land Services, who have also provided technical advice on the project.

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