Environmental Projects

Heritage Tree Preservation and Management Policy

Trees provide soil stability, shade and shelter that are considered necessary in this climate. They are the basis for the retention and restoration of our dwindling wildlife and environment and create much of the oxygen needed by man.

Council has placed a tree preservation order on trees situated within various Heritage Conservation Areas throughout the Bathurst Region, including a number of villages. The Tree Preservation and Management Policy aims to protect, preserve, manage and enhance the environmental amenity, special landscape characteristics and the ecological values of trees within Heritage Conservation Areas of the Bathurst Regional Local Government Area (LGA).

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Peppers Creek Rockley Environmental Rehabilitation Project

Peppers Creek Rockley recently underwent a major environmental rehabilitation project which saw the removal of invasive riparian weeds species and the planting of 740 locally grown native trees, shrubs and rushes along its banks. Located at the entrance to the Rockley Sports Ground off Budden Street, the aim of the project is to reduce the presence of invasive riparian weeds such as willow, poplar and elm using best practice methods, improve habitat for native wildlife such as resident platypuses and birdlife, and to beautify and improve the health of this much loved creek.

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Perthville Black Gum (Eucalyptus aggregata) Offset Project

Important civil works that protect our communities from natural disasters, such as floods, can potentially impact on the conservation values of our native flora and fauna. At Perthville, the recent construction of the Perthville Floodwater Mitigation Works in 2017 required the removal of four mature Black Gums (Eucalyptus aggregata) from along the banks of Queen Charlotte Vale Creek. In NSW, Black Gums are identified as a threatened species under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (NSW).

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Queen Charlotte's Vale Creek Royal Rehabilitation Treatment Project

The ‘Queen Charlotte's Vale Creek Royal Rehabilitation Treatment Project’ was completed in May 2023, with the final stages of the contractor revegetation maintenance works being carried out along this important urban water and tributary of the Macquarie Wambuul River. The NSW Environmental Trust-funded project has seen the installation of over 900m of wildlife friendly rural fencing along the South Bathurst and Gormans Hill sides of Queen Charlotte's Vale Creek, significant weed control works across 1.5 hectares targeting invasive riparian species such as Willow, Blackberry, Poplar and African Boxthorn, and the planting of 2,500 native tree, shrubs and groundcovers. 

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Rehabilitation of the Macquarie River Riparian Corridor Project

In 2018, Bathurst Regional Council was successful in receiving funding from the NSW State Governments Environmental Trust for the project titled ‘Rehabilitation of the Macquarie River Riparian Corridor’. To be completed over a three-year period, the project aims to rehabilitate and improve riparian vegetation condition along 1km of the Macquarie Wambuul River to connect previously completed riparian rehabilitation projects and existing habitat areas.

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Wambuul Macquarie River Bathurst Flying-fox Camp Habitat Restoration Project

In 2022, Bathurst Regional Council was successful in securing funding through the Local Government NSW Flying-Fox Camp Habitat Restoration Program. The grant of $264,650 will help fund the environmental restoration of 700m of flying-fox or budharu (the Wiradjuri word for flying-fox) habitat along the Macquarie Wambuul River in Bathurst. The project site is an area of high conservation value as it is a seasonal camp for the Little-red Flying-fox (Pteropus scapulatus) and the threatened Grey-headed Flying-fox (Pteropus poliocephalus)


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