Community guides for Biodiversity

Council and other organisations have produced guides to assist the community in enhancing biodiversity in urban backyards or larger rural holdings.

Backyards for Wildlife

The Backyards for Wildlife booklet was developed in consultation with members of the community and leading local naturalists in 2012. The booklet is a guide for the local community on the best ways to create a back (or front) yard that provides food, shelter or nest sites for a range of wildlife species, small and large, whilst still allowing space for pets and your family.

Print copies are available by contacting Council via or you can download a digital copy here.

Rural Living HandbookRural Living Handbook 2023

The Rural Living Handbook is a tool for new land owners, or existing owners wanting to improve their knowledge about weed and pest management, water conservation, salinity and erosion control, native vegetation and chemical use.

The Rural Living Handbook is available for free from the Bathurst Local Land Services Office () or from Council. It can be downloaded here.

Land for Wildlife program

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary conservation program for landholders coordinated by the Community Environment Network (CEN). Bathurst Regional Council supports property owners who wish to manage their land in an environmentally sensitive way.

The free program involves managing land for ecological benefit with the assistance of the CEN. Landholders receive an environmental property assessment and a free sign to mark land reserved for wildlife. Information workshops, meetings, fact sheets and newsletters support landholders in their management practices.

Registration is voluntary and does not change the legal status of a property.

For more information about the land for wildlife program visit the CEN Land for Wildlife website.


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