Renewable Energy Action Plan

The Bathurst Regional Council Renewable Energy Action Plan sets out Council’s strategy and action plan to minimise its dependence on fossil fuel energy sources. It has a primary focus on alternatives to grid-sourced electricity, but also considers and makes recommendations about transitioning away from natural gas and liquid fossil fuels.DJI 0153

The plan employs an energy management hierarchy which prioritises energy efficiency actions. The plan includes an electricity efficiency target of 15% in comparison with 2018-19 electricity consumption of 15,069 MWh.

The plan also sets the following renewable electricity targets:

  • Renewable Target 1 - 25% of Council’s electricity consumption to be from renewable sources by 2023
  • Renewable Target 2 - 50% of Council’s electricity consumption to be from renewable sources by 2025

Current State and Commonwealth policy settings, uncertainty in the electricity market and rapidly evolving technology in the renewable energy and storage space make it prudent to set short- and medium-term targets which can be reviewed and raised, where appropriate, as the renewable market develops. For this reason, a mid-term review of the plan is scheduled for 2023.

The plan explores the strategic drivers for Council to increase its use of renewable energy, considers the state of the electricity market and examines the opportunities available to Council.

Section 9.0 details the actions which have been identified to enable Council to meet the stated energy efficiency and renewable electricity targets.

A copy of the Renewable Energy Action Plan can be found here.