Love Food Hate Waste

Bathurst Regional Council is a registered partner for the NSW Government’s Love Food Hate Waste program.

Food waste is a big problem - it is the single largest component of household bins in NSW.Love Food Hate Waste

More than 800,000 tonnes of food is thrown away by NSW householders each year – that is 315 kilograms of food waste for each household going to landfill or 38 per cent of your kerbside garbage bin! A further 340,000 tonnes of food is thrown away by businesses in Sydney alone. NSW, therefore, throws away over 1.1 million tonnes of food each year.

By wasting food – fresh fruit and vegetables, leftovers, takeaways, packaged and long-life products, drinks and even frozen food – the average NSW household throws away $1036 a year.

By being less wasteful, you can save money and reduce your impact on our environment. Love Food Hate Waste is about providing you with practical tips and tools you can use every day: Visit

Click here to download a brochure on the program.

What do we waste?

In NSW, we throw away $2.5 billion worth of edible food a year.

Here is what we are throwing away:

$848 million of fresh food
$694 million of leftovers
$371 million of packaged and long-life products
$231 million of drinks
$231 million of frozen food
$180 million of take-away

Visit the Love Food Hate Waste website for further information to waste less food, save money and our environment.