Living and working around waterways

Everyone has a responsibility to ensure rivers and streams continue to be healthy and productive for future generations.  Below is some important information to help you look after waterways and comply with current laws aimed at protecting them. 

How can I do the right thing?pic from inland riverbank brochure for website

It is your responsibility to determine what approvals are required and obtain permission from the relevant authorities for any proposed works before any riverbank work commences.  The best way to do this is to talk to your local Council first before you undertake any works or contact the other State agencies listed below. These works are often assessed as 'integrated development' by your local Council and require approval from other State agencies before Council can approve the works.

These agencies include:

•Department of Primary Industries 1300 550 474 (Fisheries NSW, Crown Land Division and NSW Office of Water) for Fisheries NSW in the first instance – for those works listed above

• NSW Roads and Maritime Services 13 12 56 if the works are associated with boating activities or may affect navigation

• Local Land Services 1300 795 299 (formerly Catchment Management Authority (CMA)

What if I don't get an approval before working around waterways?

Failure to get the necessary approvals can result in hefty fines and costly cleanup orders.  If you live or work on the bank of a river or stream, you play an important role in the health of our inland waterways, click here for a downloadable information for a downloadable information brochure.