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    Inland Sea Of Sound
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Perthville Bridge Closure

From Monday 18 September for approximately 6 weeks

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Environment Protection Authority - Pollution Incident Response Management Plans and Data
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Download PDF Flyer to check dates and location:-

Rockley - 12 October 2017
Hill End - 31 October 2017
Yetholme - 9 November 2017
Trunkey Creek - 16 November 2017
Sofala - 27 November 2017
Wattle Flat - 28 November 2017



Flood History

The City of Bathurst and surrounding areas has experienced varying degrees of flooding during its history as a result of flooding of the Macquarie River and its tributaries.  Severe flooding has most recently been experienced in 1986, 1990 and 1998.

A Committee of Inquiry into the August 1986 Bathurst Floods was held.  Please see the Executive Summary for further details.

In 1995 Council adopted a Floodplain Management Plan and Policy, following investigation of a wide range of floodplain management measures and studies.  For further information, please refer to the Floodplain Management Plan document

Council prepared Floodplain Risk Management Plans for each of the villages of Georges Plains and Sofala.  The purpose of each Plan was to examine the flood liability and effects of flooding on the villages near Bathurst, not contained in Council's Floodplain Management Plan 1995, and to recommend floodplain management options.

Council at its meeting held 20 August 2008 resolved to adopt the Georges Plains Floodplain Risk Management Plan and the Sofala Floodplain Risk Management Plan (these plans can be accessed in Bathurst Regional Council Studies), and to update the Bathurst Regional Council Floodplain Management Policy to include these Plans.

Council has made provision in accordance with the 2009/2010 Financial Management Planning process for implementation of these Plans.

The objective of the Floodplain Management Policy is to implement and maintain a Floodplain Management Strategy.  In addition to outlining the areas affected by flooding, and the criteria for assessing proposals for development within these areas, the Policy makes provision for development of flood protected land.

There are currently six identified areas of flood protected land:-

  • Behind the Havannah Street Levee
  • Morrisset Street Levee
  • Stockland Drive Levee (Raglan Creek)
  • Kelso Industrial Estate Levee
  • Upfold Street
  • Gilmour Street

Bathurst experienced major flooding in 1998 - Aerial Photographs of some of the affected areas are displayed below.  [CLICK on photos to enlarge image]. 

Ranken Bridge Eglinton

Railway Bridge, Lower Russell Street

Ranken Bridge 1998 Floods Railway Bridge 1998 Floods

Macquarie River/CBD/Kelso

Upfold Street, South Bathurst

bathurst-1998-floodl Aerial Shot Upfold Street



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