Don't Invite Crime

Community Safety

The Bathurst Community Safety Committee, launched their newest community safety campaign called Don't Invite Crime in April 2017.

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The focus is on encouraging Bathurst residents to become more proactive in the measures they take to protect themselves from the crimes of break and enter dwelling and steal from a motor vehicle. The Don't Invite Crime campaign will provide people with simple tips and advice on how to target harden their homes, vehicles and property.

The first tip sheet gives some General Security Tips for everyone to follow. So please read over these and work on trying to implement some in and around the home.

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 The second tip sheet focuses on Vehicle Security.  Please consider these tips to ensure your vehicles are safe and secure.

Tip Sheet on Vehicle Security

 The third tip sheet focuses on Property Security.  Follow these simple tips to keep your property secure.

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The fourth tip sheet focuses on Personal Safety.  Protect your own personal safety when out and about by following these suggestions.

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The fifth tip sheet focuses on Home Security.  Introduce a number of these easy and inexpensive changes to improve your home security.

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The final tip sheet focuses on Holiday Security.  Consider these tips when going on holidays to ensure that your home is secured properly whilst you are away.

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