Don't Be Next - Vehicle Theft

Bathurst Regional Community Safety Committee (BRCSC) and Chifley Police District are reminding residents to secure their cars and hide valuables to reduce the risk of steal from motor vehicle crimes.

According to Inspector David Abercrombie, steal from motor vehicle crimes are common within the Bathurst LGA. The majority of steal from motor vehicle offences occur in residential areas, followed by shopping centres and public places.

To protect yourself from steal from motor vehicle crimes, BRCSC recommends you:

  •  Lock it – Close windows. Lock doors. Lock toolboxes. Never leave keys in cars

  • Secure it – Keep your garage door locked or park in a well-lit area

  • Hide it – If you are leaving valuables in the car hide them from sight or in the boot

  • Report it – Report all criminal and suspicious activity to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

Don't Be Next Campaign