Chifley Dam - Blue Green Algae

Current Alerts at Chifley Dam - Chifley Dam is OPEN for all water-based recreational uses.

Recreational Alert AMBER
Livestock Drinking Water Alert YES

.Blue-green algae (also known as cyanobacteria) are naturally occurring bacteria which are often found in Chifley Dam. In small numbers, blue-green algae are of little concern. However, under some conditions blue-green algae can form large colonies and turn the water bright green. These blooms decrease water quality and can pose a risk to human and livestock health. 

Recreational Alerts

Council closely monitors the water quality at the dam and follows the three recreational alert levels set by WaterNSW:


This alert level represents bloom conditions. The water looks green and the blue-green algae may be seen as clumps or scums (blooms). There may be a strong odour or musty smell.

These blooms should be considered toxic to both humans and animals. All contact with the water should be avoided. Water should not be used for drinking, cooking, stock watering, or recreational purposes.

At this alert level, Chifley Dam is closed to all water-based recreation.  


Blue-green algae may be multiplying. The water may have a green tinge with a musty taste or odour.

The water is generally suitable for recreational use, but people should use caution and avoid areas where the water appears to have a green tinge.


Potentially toxic blue-green algae are detected at low levels.

The blue-green algae do not pose a threat to recreational use.

Livestock  Alerts

A High Alert for livestock drinking water is separate to the system of recreational alerts. It is put in place when there are high levels of potentially toxic blue-green algae that could affect livestock health.

During High Alerts, stock owners should seek alternative supplies of livestock drinking water.

More Information

More information on blue-green algae is available at WaterNSW.