Statement of Business Ethics

Bathurst Regional Council is a large financial and multi-faceted organisation that provides services to its constituents and the surrounding region.

The Community that the Council represents expect Council to operate effectively, efficiently and ethically in all dealings both internal and external.

Council has always required ethical behaviour from Councillors and staff in their dealings both internally and with the community at large.  Recent emphasis on good governance has stressed the need to extend this expectation into dealings with the wider community and in particular providers of services and goods.

Council has developed this Statement of Business Ethics to reinforce Council’s ethical values and to provide guidance for the private sector when doing business with Council.  Council’s ethical standards are outlined in this statement and it is Council’s expectation that contractors and other goods and services providers will comply with these standards when conducting business with Council.

This statement also outlines how Council’s ethical standards will be extended to dealings with external contractors and other goods and services providers.

Statement of Business Ethics