Plans and Policies

Council prepares studies, plans and policies identify, assess & document heritage places, collections & stories of the Bathurst Region. These studies are important in discovering the historic past that makes Bathurst's heritage unique. The completed studies and plans assist Council in developing and implementing appropriate heritage management strategies to conserve the region's unique heritage.

Heritage Studies and Plans

Studies and Plans which have been completed include:

Bathurst Region Heritage Strategy 2014-2017

Bathurst Region Heritage Plan 2017-2020

Bathurst Region Heritage Plan 2021-2025

Aboriginal Heritage Assessment – Ben Chifley Dam Pipeline Project

Aboriginal Heritage Study - Public Release Version

Bathurst Conservation Area Review 2008

Bathurst Region Heritage Study 2007

The New Country, A Thematic History of the Bathurst Regional Council Local Government Area 2007

Bathurst Regional Archaeological Management Plan 2012: Volume 1, Volume 2, Map 1, Map 2, Map 3

CBD Beautification Scheme 1998

CBD Beautification Scheme 1998 Supplementary Report

Government Settlement at Bathurst NSW (1815-1840) Archaeological Management Plan 2013

Heritage Conservation Area Review 2018

Keppel Street Main Street Study:  Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3

Origins of Street Names - Bathurst Region

William & George Street Main Street Study:  Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3

Wattle Flat Mining Areas Archaeological Management Plan - Final Report

Village of Hill End (privately owned lands) Archaeological  Management Plan - Main Report, Survey Results Parcel Registers, Survey Results Archaeological Feature Register, Survey Results Parcel Maps

Conservation Management Plans 

The principal aims of Conservation Management Plans are to establish the cultural significance of heritage properties or places and to provide guidelines to assist with "best-practice" asset management of the sites. The plans provide policies to maintain and enhance their heritage significance and formulate guidelines for future uses, conservation and restoration works.

Conservation Management Plans which have been completed for Council owned properties include:

Bathurst Ambulance Station

Bathurst District Soldiers Memorial Carillon

Bathurst TAFE (October 1998)

Bathurst TAFE (2015)

Bathurst Waterworks


Chifley Home Management Plan

Chifley Home Conservation Management Plan

Conservation Management for Small Rural Cemeteries:

Machattie Park Management Plan

Old Government Cottage

Peel Hall

Rockley Mill

Rockley School of Arts Hall

The Bridle Track

The School of Arts Hall at The Lagoon