Living Legends

Living Legends

In 2015 as part of the Bathurst Bicentenary celebrations the award Bathurst 200 Living Legends was introduced.

The title, Living Legend, recognises the achievements of individuals and they way they have contributed positively to the community. They could be proven leaders amongst their peers. They possess a drive to promote the positive qualities of Council, the community and local businesses.

An individual will be considered for the Living Legends list if they are currently living within the Bathurst Regional Council area and have contributed to making Bathurst a great place to live and visit.

Since 2015, additional Living Legends have been announced on Proclamation Day in May each year, and honoured at a function in July to coincide with National Tree Planting Day.

The Legends are each honoured with a tree planted in the Living Legends Avenue of trees on Bradwardine Road, with a plaque identifying each Legend's tree.

The call for nominations for the next round of Living Legends open on 5 December 2022 and close 27 January 2023.  To nominate visit Bathurst Yoursay...

Those who have been honoured with the title of Living Legend can be found here.