Friendship Agreement

A friendship arrangement between Cirencester in England and Bathurst was officially launched in Cirencester on 18 October, 2017. The link? Cirencester is situated in the Cotswolds and is the seat of the Earls Bathurst. The City of Bathurst was named by Governor Lachlan Macquarie in honour of the 3rd Earl Bathurst and was proclaimed a settlement by Governor Lachlan Macquarie on the 7th May 1815.

In May 2015, the City of Bathurst celebrated its Bicentenary and the Earl (9th) and Countess Bathurst joined in these celebrations. Whilst the Earl and Countess were visiting, discussions were held as to the possibility of developing a relationship between Bathurst Regional Council and Cirencester Town Council.

Bathurst Regional Council formally resolved on 3 February 2016, "That Bathurst Regional Council work with Cirencester Town Council to develop a relationship between the two communities."

The Mayor of Cirencester Town Council, Councillor Mark Harris visited Bathurst Australia in December 2016, to further the development of the relationship between the two communities.

In May 2017 Lord Bathurst and Cr Mark Harris commenced a campaign amongst residents and businesses of Cirencester where they were asked to "tip their hats" to their Australian counterparts in a new initiative from the Earl Bathurst and town mayor Mark Harris."

In January 2021 the memorandum of understanding cementing the friendship arrangement was signed by both Councils.

The Agreement has been signed by the Mayor of Bathurst Cr Bobby Bourke and the Mayor of Cirencester Cr Patrick Coleman. The document supports the Friendship Agreement between Cirencester and Bathurst with its vision to promote awareness, communication and opportunities between the people of our two cities; based on friendship, commerce, education, sports and tourism.

The signing ceremony has been held virtually with the Bathurst signing video featured at the city’s 2021 Australia Day ceremony.

Our friends in Cirencester recorded this video to mark the moment they too signed the memorandum of understanding.