Flying of the Australian National Flag

Australian FlagFlags are flown in a half mast position as a sign of mourning.

The flags situated outside the Bathurst Regional Council Civic Centre at 158 Russell Street, Bathurst will fly at half mast on occasions when directed by the appropriate Commonwealth or State Government Department or in accordance with Council Policy.

Examples of these occasions are:-

  • On the death of the Sovereign (King or Queen)
  • On the death of a member of the royal family
  • On the death of the Governor General or a former Governor General
  • On the death of a distinguished Australian citizen
  • On the death of the head of state of another country with which Australia has diplomatic relations
  • On special days such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day
  • On the death of a local citizen
  • On the death of a Councillor or former Councillor

In order to bring the flag to the half mast position, the flag must be first raised to the top of the mast then immediately lowered slowly to the half mast position.  This position is approximately a third of the distance down from the top of the flagpole.

When lowering the flag from the half mast position, it should first be briefly raised to the top of the flagpole, and then lowered ceremoniously.  A half mast flag should never be flown at night.


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