About Council

Map of Bathurst Regional Council

Bathurst Regional Council delivers a broad range of services and facilities across the Bathurst local government area (LGA), servicing a population of 44,000, and more than 1,000,000 visitors annually.

As the level of government closest to the community, what we do is diverse.

Our road network covers more than 1360km, with almost 1000km of that sealed. We have 120 playgrounds and parks; more than 20 different sporting facilities, 138km of cycleway and footpath and 245km of drainage pipes. Council owns and operates four museums, two childcare facilities and Chifley Dam.

Our LGA covers 3,818square kilometres and includes the city of Bathurst and rural nine villages; Georges Plains, Hill End, Peel, Rockley, Sofala, Sunny Corner, Trunkey Creek, Wattle Flat and Yetholme.

Council employs more than 400 staff across four departments

We have 9 Councillors who are elected to carry out duties under the provision of the Local Government Act & Regulations.

Bathurst Regional Council was created in 2004 with the merger of Bathurst City Council and Evans Shire Council.

Council’s Vision:

Bathurst: A vibrant and innovative region that values our heritage, environment, culture, diversity and strong economy