Workshops for Potential Candidates

Women for Local Government workshops

Cr Monica Morse hosted two information sessions for potential candidates on17 November 2020 and 1 December 2020. The workshops provided an overview of what is involved in being a councillor. The workshops were held in the Council Chambers.

Women for Election Australia (WEFA) workshop

The six-hour workshop was hosted by WEFA, and held in the Council Chambers, on Friday 30 April. The workshop was aimed at equipping more women to run for local government and covered information such as the role of a councillor and planning an election campaign. For more information about WFEA visit

Candidate Information Sessions hosted by Electoral Commission NSW

A series of online candidate information sessions are being conducted by the NSW Electoral Commission. The webinars are being held from August to November 2021 and cover the following topics:

• Election overview
• Election funding and disclosure
• Registration of candidates, groups, and third-party campaigners
• Electoral material (also known as how-to-vote material)
• Nomination process
• Early voting and election day voting
• Candidate workers and scrutineers
• Counting and results

Webinar dates:

Candidate information  - 11am, Thursday 2 September 2021
Election funding and disclosure  View a copy of this webinar here
General Information  - 11am, Thursday 16 September 2021
Nominations - 11am, Tuesday 28 September 2021 
Registration of Electoral Material (also known as how to vote material) - 11am, Thursday 28 October 2021
iVote explained - 11am, Monday 8 November 2021
Early voting and election day voting - 11am, Thursday 18 November
Candidate workers, scrutineers, counting and results - 11am, Tuesday 30 November 

Please use the following link to register your attendance.

Each webinar will be recorded and placed on the NSWEC website for viewing at a later date if you are unable to attend at the scheduled time. The NSWEC will not be conducting face to face candidate information sessions.