2017 Council Elections

The 2017 local government elections were held on 9 September 2017 and the following Councillors were elected to Bathurst Regional Council.

Click here to view list of current Councillors and their contacts:-

The next local government election is scheduled for September 2020.

Are you thinking of becoming a Councillor and nominating for the next election?

Councillors are elected by their local community to represent community views on Council, provide leadership and make sure local needs are met. They do this by directing Council's affairs, allocating resources for the benefit of the local area, developing policies and reviewing the Council's performance in relation to delivering services and other matters.

To assist Councillors in their role Bathurst Regional Council has in place a Community Strategic Plan which:

Aims to inform the community about the major directions and programs Council is undertaking in shaping the future of the Bathurst Region.
The Plan will be revised at the commencement of each new Council in consultation with the community (i.e. after the local government elections every four years).
The four key themes of the Plan to provide for sustainability and community well-being are:

  • economic prosperity;
  • liveable communities;
  • environmental sustainability; and
  • sound leadership.

The current Plan can be downloaded here.

A Councillor's role is important. The decisions a councillor makes and the services provided by Councils can impact on our lives, our local community and our local environment.