Street Tree Facts

Street Trees

Street tree damageIn 2003, Council adopted the Bathurst Vegetation Management Plan Document, which is Council's strategic planning document for the management of vegetation issues within Bathurst. As part of the various projects and recommendations contained within the Vegetation Management Plan, a Street Tree Audit was commissioned to develop a data base of all trees within the Bathurst Heritage Conservation Area, the main city entrance roads as well as the villages of Hill End and Rockley.


The audit which commenced in 2006 has highlighted a number of aspects pertaining to Council's street trees throughout all of the assessment areas. In general, the audit has identified opportunities for planting new street trees, replacement planting of missing street trees, pruning and other maintenance activities to be undertaken on existing trees and the removal of dead, dying or dangerous street trees.

Tree PlantingThe Street Tree Audit Report provided by Australian Tree Consultants has set recommended action priorities and hazard ratings on all trees identified for removal or remedial works. Whilst much work has been done Council continues to replace, prune, maintain and remove dying and dangerous trees.