Cycleways & Footpaths

Cycleways and Footpaths

Strategic Access Plan

Council is responsible for the maintenance of more than 83.8 kilometres of paved concrete footpaths.

Council has adopted a Strategic Access Plan that will link various facilities throughout Bathurst with a paved footpath.

The first priority is to connect medical facilities, such as hospitals and aged care facilities, followed by educational facilities and shopping areas.

The plan was adopted in 2000 and commenced in the 2000/2001 construction program.

At the time, the works identified in the Strategic Access Plan were estimated to cost in the order of $4.2 million to complete. The impact of this on Council's resources led to the ranking of the identified works on the basis of priorities and this is the program that has been followed since adoption.

Council is also responsible for the provision and upkeep of cycleways in the Bathurst region. A map of cycling routes in the Bathurst region can be accessed in Walking and Cycling.  

Currently, there are approximately 15.5 kilometres of off road cycleways and proposals to continue to develop a network to service the City. The development of the cycleway network is based on the Bathurst Local Area Bike Plan which is currently under revision.

Council recently completed:

  • Gilmour Street Cycleway between Marsden Lane and Barker Circuit area.
  • Eglinton Road to Morrissett Street link.

Construction Program

The 2006/2007 Strategic Access Program includes:

  • Hamilton Street Eglinton (Park / Logan)
  • Durham Street (Esrom / Commonwealth Stage 2)
  • Gilmour Street (Public School / Tandora)

The 2006/2007 Cycleway Program includes:

  • Bradwardine Road Eglinton Road link
  • Denison Bridge / Bicentennial Park link Stage 1