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The nearest airport west of Sydney

Bathurst Aerodrome covers over 195 hectares.  As one of the closest regional airports to Sydney, Bathurst Aerodrome is a popular destination for pilots, particularly trainees, from Bankstown and Camden Aerodromes.

Bathurst Aerodrome is located just over a two-hour drive from the future Western Sydney International Airport. Flight time from metropolitan regulated airspace is a matter of minutes. The proximity, availability of support facilities, maintenance, and refuelling options, along with the enviable natural environment and vibrant regional economy, makes Bathurst Aerodrome an attractive investment opportunity for aircraft, transport and freight businesses and private leaseholders alike.

Why choose Bathurst Aerodrome

There are lots of reasons to choose Bathurst Aerodrome for your business operations. Here’s just a few!

  • Bathurst is the nearest Airport west of Sydney, with a flight time to Sydney of around 40 minutes.
  • Cost to do business is a fraction of what you will pay in Sydney.
  • You will have access to a workforce of nearly 75,000 people. Bathurst is part of an interconnected workforce with Orange, Lithgow, Blayney, Oberon and Cabonne.
  • Easy connection to the Great Western Highway, getting you to the Sydney CBD in under 3 hours.
  • Free, untimed car parking for staff and customers.
  • Aircraft maintenance and refuelling options provided on site.

Investment Opportunities

With a flight time of around 40 minutes to Sydney, modern facilities, maintenance support, refuelling options, and close proximity to one of Australia’s fastest growing regional cities, Bathurst Aerodrome provides a great opportunity for anyone who wants to take their aviation business to new heights.

Over $10 million has been invested in the Bathurst Aerodrome since 2016, ensuring the sustainability of operations into the future.

Investment Opportunities Information 

Bathurst Aerodrome Operations

Distance to Other Airports by Road (Grouped Drop Down)

Western Sydney International Airport – 155km

Bankstown – 190km

Sydney – 200km

Canberra – 260km

Aerodrome Operations

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Notice of Intended Use

Runways, Taxiways and Aprons


Our Aerodrome Businesses

Bathurst Aerodrome is home to a number of aero-related businesses.

Aero Club

Bathurst Aero Club

Aircraft Maintenance

Aerowork Bathurst
Panair Panorama Airways

Charter Flights

Panair Panorama Airways

Air Cadets

Air Training Corp

Flying Schools

Learn 2 Fly (18fifty3)
Panair Panorama Airways
Ward Air

Joy Flights / Trial Flights

FastJet Adventure Flights
Learn 2 Fly (18fifty3)
Panair Panorama Airways
Ward Air


Aero Refuellers
Air BP

Get in touch

For operational matters:

Groundsman (Bathurst Regional Council): 0408 639 075

For leasing and business opportunities:

Property Section: (02) 6333 6235

Economic Development Section: (02) 6333 6553

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