Bathurst Community Safety Plan

Plans and Policies

The Bathurst Community Safety Plan 2019 – 2023 is the Bathurst Region's third Community Safety Plan.  The development of a Community Safety Plan does not mean that the Bathurst Region is unsafe.  It does, however, ensure the ongoing implementation of crime prevention strategies which will support the ongoing growth of the Bathurst Region as a healthy, socially cohesive and safe community.

Bathurst Regional Council has taken a lead role in developing the Bathurst Community Safety Plan 2019 – 2023. However, Council recognises that successful crime prevention outcomes depend on taking a collaborative approach in all crime prevention initiatives. The Bathurst Community Safety Plan has been developed in partnership with key agencies and groups in the Bathurst Region. These partnerships ensure effective utilisation of infrastructure, resources, skills and capabilities of existing organisations. The Plan will enable a co-ordinated community approach to crime prevention initiatives in the Bathurst Region.

The Plan continues to take a preventative approach to crime in the Bathurst Region by focusing on the underlying causes of four priority offences.  In addition to these, two emerging crimes were also identified as areas of focus for the life of the new Plan.

Extensive statistical research and local community consultation was undertaken to determine the key safety concerns and crime patterns in the Bathurst Region. The four priority crimes and emerging crimes, were selected after developing a thorough understanding of local crime problems, where and when crime occurs, who is committing the crime and who is affected by each crime.

The four priority crimes selected as the focus for this Plan are:

 Malicious damage to property;

 Steal from motor vehicle;

 Non-domestic violence related assault; and

 Break and enter dwelling.

The two emerging crimes include:

     Domestic Violence; and


A range of initiatives with a crime prevention focus will be identified and implemented, in partnership with the Bathurst Community Safety Committee, whose role is to oversee and drive the Community Safety Plan.

Community safety is not only Council's responsibility. The entire Bathurst community has an important role in maintaining safety within the Bathurst region.

The Bathurst Community Safety Plan 2019-2023 was adopted by Council in June 2019.  The Plan has been approved by the Department of Attorney General and Justice under the Safer Community Compact under Part 4 of the Children (Protection and Parental Responsibility) Act 1997.

For further information download the Bathurst Community Safety Plan 2019-2023 Part 1 and Part 2