Community Safety

The purpose of the Bathurst Regional Community Safety Committee (BRCSC) is to work in a collaborative and proactive manner to oversee and enable the actions identified in the Bathurst Community Safety Plan 2015-2019.  The Committee meets quarterly, with working parties meeting on an "as needed" basis.

The Bathurst Regional Community Safety Committee operates with a core group of members made up of the key stakeholders identified in the Plan.  Actions are identified and prioritised by the Committee. 

Working parties have been established to work together in partnership to develop actions targeting the following offences:

    • Domestic Violence
    • Break & Enter Dwelling



Mon Nov 27 @18:00 -
Village Meeting - Sofala
Tue Nov 28 @18:00 -
Village Meeting - Watt;e Flat
Wed Dec 06 @18:00 -
Policy Committee
Wed Dec 13 @18:00 -
Ordinary Meeting

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