C Bathurst Pass

C Bathurst Passes

Experience and explore the best of Bathurst's history and heritage with the new C Bathurst Pass. It's your best priced ticket into a range of wonderful cultural attractions including, the Australian Fossil & Mineral Museum, Chifley Home, National Motor Racing Museum and the Bathurst District Historical Society Museum. The pass also offers a 10% discount at the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery gift shop.

Save 25% on entry when purchasing the C Bathurst Pass. There are 3 types available:

You can purchase the C Bathurst Pass by visiting either:

The C Bathurst Pass compliments the current Historic Homes Pass which is also available at the Bathurst Visit Information Centre. For more information contact the team on 1800 68 1000 or www.visitbathurst.com.au
Passes valid for twelve (12) months from date of purchase. Passes only valid for regular public entry.

Frequently asked questions below:-


What is a C Bathurst Pass?

    The C Bathurst Pass is a one-off entry pass to four cultural facilities within Bathurst and 10% discount at the BRAG shop. This pass was designed by Bathurst Regional Council in collaboration with Bathurst District Historical Society Museum. It is not a season pass but permits entry into each participating facilities once, and discount for one transaction at the BRAG shop.

    What facilities are included in the C Bathurst Pass?

      Purchase of the C Bathurst Pass will entitle the holder to discounted single entry or offer at each participating establishment. Listed below:

      • Australian Fossil & Mineral Museum
        Address: 224 Howick Street, Ph: 6331 5511

      • Bathurst District Historical Society Museum
        Address: Bathurst Courthouse, Russel Street, Ph: 6330 8455

      • Chifley Home and Education Centre
        Address:10 Busby Street, Ph: 6334 3410 (home)

      • National Motor Racing Museum
        Address: 400 Panorama Avenue, Mount Panorama, Ph: 6332 1872

      • Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (discount 10%)
        Address:70-78 Keppel Street, Ph: 6333 6555

      What is the cost of a C Bathurst Pass?

        There are three types of passes. The cost for each C Bathurst Pass is outlined below:

        • Concession pass $23 (Students, pensioners/seniors, carers and concession card holders)
        • Adult pass $32 (18 and over years of age (not student)
        • Family pass $79 (Family indicated on Medicare Card up to the age of 18 years of age)

        *Please note prices are applicable till 30 June 2016

        What is the saving benefit of the C Bathurst Pass?

          When you purchase the pass you save 25% on entry fees and 10% on purchases at the BRAG Shop.  

          How can I purchase a C Bathurst Pass?

            You can purchase a C Bathurst Pass by visiting either:

            • Visitor Information Centre – 1 Kendall Avenue, Bathurst
            • Bathurst Regional Council Finance counter – ground floor, 158 Russel Street, Bathurst
            • Australian Fossil & Mineral Museum - 224 Howick Street, Bathurst
            • Bathurst Regional Art Gallery - 70-78 Keppel Street, Bathurst
            • Chifley Home and Education Centre - 10 Busby Street, Bathurst
            • National Motor Racing Museum - Murrays Corner, Mount Panorama

            Or phoning the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre on Tel: 1800 68 1000.

            When can I use the Pass?

              The C Bathurst Pass is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. It's only valid for regular public entry.

              Can I enter each facility more than once with this Pass?

                No, the pass entitles you to one entry at each venue. Each pass has a section to tear off each time it is used. See image below:-

                C Bathurst Pass Example


                Who is eligible on a family Pass?

                  Anyone who is under 18 years of age and on the Medicare card of the person holding the family pass will be eligible.

                  Please note that the family pass is only valid at entry to each venue once (if there are members on the pass that do not attend at the same time the pass is used they cannot attend at another time and use the same pass)

                  Who is eligible for a concession Pass?

                    Concession pass is for those holding a current Students, pensioners/seniors, carers and concession card.

                    Who is eligible for an adult pass?

                      Anyone who is 18 and over years of age (not student).

                      Can I redeem a promotional/giveaway Pass for cash? (Free of charge pass)

                        Bathurst Pass tickets that are given out free of charge for promotional, marketing or any other purpose cannot be redeemed for cash.

                        Can I use my C Bathurst Pass multiple times for purchases at the BRAG shop?

                          No, it is only for one transaction. Each time you use the pass a tab will be torn from the pass to reflect its usage. See image below:-

                          C Bathurst Pass Example

                          When can I purchase the C Bathurst Pass online?

                            Bathurst Regional Council is currently investigating online purchasing options and will notify the general public if and when it becomes available.

                            If I want to find out more information about the C Bathurst Pass who can I contact?

                              You can contact the Bathurst Visitor Information Centre on Tel: 1800 68 1000.