Educational Resources

Educational Resources

2015 is sure to be an exciting year for Bathurst and is a significant milestone for all Australians to celebrate.

We have compiled a range of curriculum-appropriate resource materials to assist teachers and students who are learning the history of Bathurst, Australia's oldest inland settlement.

The curriculum document linked below meets History K-yr 10 outcomes for the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum. Inside this document you'll find some suggested topics and numerous resource materials recommended as sources of further information - the majority of which are on this page as downloadable pdf files.

We welcome your comments and contributions to these focused learning materials - so please feel free to email us via the Bathurst200 contact form.


Education curriculum for Bathurst's bicentenary

Bathurst's timeline

Wiradjuri nation

Bathurst Heritage Trails brochure

Ben Hall's Raid on Bathurst

Bathurst Army Camp 1940 - 1947

First road to Bathurst

150 years - Building a City (brochure)

150 years - Civic occasions in Bathurst (brochure)

150 years Early Mayors of Bathurst (brochure)

150 years- Municipality of Bathurst (brochure)

Cobb & Co story-1

Cobb & Co story - 2

Fergus - searching for Clara

Bathurst Courthouse

Bathurst War Memorial Carillon

Bathurst 200 Years Stage 2 Unit 

Ida's Quest - A historical journey through the Bathurst District in 1901 by Ida Traill aged 11 years. Follow up with a visit to Miss Traill's House.