Bathurst Today

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Today Bathurst is a thriving, culturally diverse community that boasts high quality education facilities from early childhood to university level (Charles Sturt University), industrial and agricultural investments, a growing tourism profile and, at its heart, a wonderful country lifestyle.

The values and lifestyle enjoyed by the Bathurst community have been shaped by the cultural and spiritual ties of the Wiradjuri nation, the footsteps of colonial explorers, the sweat and determination of settlers, the passion and blind luck of gold rushers and the general camaraderie of people sharing resources and experiences.

We are a community proud of our heritage, encouraging of investment and ingenuity, and enthusiastic about building a positive, progressive future for coming generations.

Bathurst had an estimated population in 2012 of 40,253 (based on 2011 census data) with the Local Government Area (Bathurst Regional Council) covering 382,000 Hectares.

For more detailed information on Bathurst view our community profile, Bathurst Region website, or Bathurst Visitor Information Centre .