Sofala ArtHistory is a Key Element of our Bicentenary Celebrations in 2015

The Wiradjuri people are the traditional custodians of the land on which Bathurst now resides and as such are the foundation stone for the story of Bathurst. Read more

Surveyor-General George Evans' party were the first new colonials to create footprints across the Blue Mountains from Sydney in 1813. Evans returned to Sydney to inform Governor Macquarie of the beauty and potential of the Bathurst plains. Governor Macquarie commissioned William Cox to build a road through to Bathurst. In 1815 on the 7 May, Bathurst was proclaimed a town. Read more

Today Bathurst is a thriving, culturally diverse community that boasts high quality education facilities from early childhood to university level (Charles Sturt University), industrial and agricultural investments, a growing tourism profile and, at its heart, a wonderful country lifestyle. Read more