John Hollis - Bathurst connects with Sydney fast as a bullet

Bullet Train

Rail transport first commenced in Bathurst on 4th April 1876. Back in those days, there weren't as many cars on the road and the roads weren't the best so it was one of the main forms of transport for people as well goods.

In 1989, the commuter rail service that had been such an important part of our community for 113 years was withdrawn leaving the community disappointed but determined to see the return of the service which had established Bathurst as an important transport corridor in the Central West.

Our community immediately took action, with the Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association, Bathurst Branch leading the charge. Max and Beryl Turnbull worked tirelessly in those early years, lobbying the NSW State Government until a committee of community representatives, known as Rail Action Bathurst, was formed in 2005 by Bathurst Regional Council and continued in pursuit of a return of a commuter rail service.

Rail Action Bathurst's efforts paid off with the NSW State Government announcing that an express daily return commuter service between Bathurst and Sydney would commence on 21st October 2012.

On Australia Day 2013 Rail Action Bathurst was awarded the inaugural Bathurst Regional Council "Event of the Year".

Today, the "Bathurst Bullet" provides an invaluable service to the local community and serves as a daily reminder of the strong community effort that went into reinstating rail transport in Bathurst. We still smile every day when the Bathurst Bullet rolls into town.

John Hollis – Chairperson Rail Action Bathurst


print version: John Hollis's story of the Bathurst Bullet train service