Chifley Dam Details

Chifley Dam is at 101.3% capacity as of Tuesday 20 September 2022.

As at 20 September 2022 there is an GREEN Level Alert in place for Blue Green Algae at Chifley Dam.

Chifley Dam is OPEN for all recreational uses.  Please use COVID safe practices while out at the dam.  

Winburndale Dam is at 90.3% capacity as of Tuesday 20 September 2022.

Chifley Dam

(Image by David McKellar)

As at: Tuesday 20 September 2022 Value Comparison

Current Information

Chifley Dam Storage 101.3% 30,499 ML
Dead storage 4.5%  
Chifley Dam level relative to crest +130 mm +5.1 inches
Chifley Dam inflow 710 ML per day at 8.50 am on
Tuesday, 20 September 2022
Chifley Dam recreational algae alert level GREEN
Chifley Dam livestock drinking water alert No  
Chifley Dam release 4.35 ML per day  
Bathurst Filtration Plant (WFP) consumption 9.6 ML per day 3.9 Olympic Pools
Bathurst Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTW) release 17.3  ML per day  
Winburndale Dam storage 90.3%  
Note ML = megalitre or million litres

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Winburndale Dam


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