Chifley Dam Details

Chifley Dam is at 57.6% as of 15 January 2019, (down about 4.6m) with over 17,300ML in storage.  This is a small increase of 1.6% or 475ML over the past week. The average increase in water level is 30mm/d over each of the 7 days.The previous dam wall provided storage equivalent to 51.9% compared to the current dam. 

 Water Chifley Dam 0016
Chifley Dam

Release of water from Chifley Dam is averaging 42.6ML per day, with a peak of 69.1ML per day.

Inflow on 15 January 2019 is about 10ML/day.

As of 15 January 2019 there is a GREEN Level Blue Green Algae alert currently in place for Chifley Dam.

Chifley Dam is Open for all water related recreational activities. Further details are available here.

Consumption of filtered water in Bathurst in December averaged 15.8ML per day (which is 6.3 Olympic sized swimming pools). Last week the average consumption was 18.5ML per day.

Treated water returned to the Macquarie River is averaging 8.0ML per day.

The Bathurst Regional Council area at present has High/Level 3 water restrictions in place. Further details on water restrictions are available at Waterwise Bathurst.

For further information from the Bureau of Meteorology please view this link.

Please refer to the Chifley Dam Storage Graph.

Compared to the same time last year we now have approximately 26% less in storage at Chifley Dam. 

Water Chifley Dam 0026Chifley Dam

Winburndale Dam is at 100.1% capacity. 

Winburndale DamWinburndale Dam

















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