Chifley Dam Details

Chifley Dam is at 45.5% as of 17 September 2019, (down about 6.2m) with over 13,600ML in storage. 

This is an decrease in storage of 107ML, or 54mm, with the average daily rise being over 7mm per day.  The lowest dam level since the raising of the Dam was 41.0% in June 2003. The previous dam wall provided storage equivalent to 51.9% compared to the current dam. The 'dead' storage, being below the main gravity outlets, is estimated at 4.5% (it is water of unknown quantity that will be hard to extract from the Dam).

  Chifley Dam September 2019Chifley Dam                                 (Photo by David McKellar)

Release of water from Chifley Dam is averaging 4.9ML per day.

Inflow on 17 September 2019 is about 8.0ML per day.

As of 17 September 2019 there is an GREEN Level Blue Green Algae alert currently in place for Chifley Dam. Further details are available here.

Consumption of filtered water in Bathurst for the week ending 17 September 2019 averaged 11.9ML per day (which is 4.8 Olympic sized swimming pools). 

Treated water returned to the Macquarie River is averaging 8.2ML per day.

The Bathurst Regional Council area at present has High/Level 3 water restrictions in place. Further details on water restrictions are available at here.

For further information from the Bureau of Meteorology please view this link.

Please refer to the Chifley Dam Storage Graph.

Compared to the same time last year we now have approximately 14% less in storage at Chifley Dam, and 45% less compared with 2017. 

A comparison of the Chifley Dam storage level from 2015 to 2019 is available here.

Winburndale Dam is at 87.5% capacity. 

Winburndale DamWinburndale Dam