Food Safety Supervisor

Does your business need to have a designated Food Safety Supervisor by law?

The FSS requirement applies to retail businesses who process and sell food (prepare and serve) that is:

• ready-to-eat
• potentially hazardous (i.e. needs temperature control)
• NOT sold and served in the supplier's original package.

Examples of businesses* include restaurants, cafés, takeaway shops, caterers, bakeries, pubs, clubs, hotels and supermarket hot food sales.

* Note
This is not a comprehensive list. Other businesses that serve food that meets the above criteria and provide accommodation, service or entertainment where there is an inclusive charge which covers the food supplied, would also fall under the FSS legislation. For example, B & B’s, motels, hotels and entertainment venues.

The NSW Food Authority website provides further detail on Food Safety Supervisor requirements, information on registered training organisations and other important information.

An easy to read guideline is available here.

The NSW Food Authority can also be contacted by telephone on 1300 552 406.
Bathurst Regional Council's Environmental Health Officers can be contacted to discuss the requirements on (02) 6333 6511.