Smart Water Meters


A smart meter is a device that automatically records water use and can report that usage data electronically at regular intervals. This provides instant access for Council staff to data that can highlight any issues or trends to better manage the water network - such as:

· Facilitation of early detection of leaks and reduce water loss.

· Respond more effectively to usage enquiries.

For common residential meters, the antenna transmitting the signal can be integrated within the meter. However, for bigger residential or commercial meters, it is attached to the existing mechanical meter. Both devices function in similar way.

As of August 2021, Bathurst Regional Council (BRC) has over 850 smart water meters installed. Taggle Systems is engaged by BRC to supply and install these smart water meters. For most new developments and where existing water meter requires full replacement due to age or other faults, BRC is installing Honeywell V200HT – an integrated smart meter. All other water meters are progressively being retrofitted with clip on antennas.

Smart Meters

Image: Honeywell V200HT - Integrated Smart Meter and different types of clip on antennas.

In near future, BRC has a plan to introduce Public Portal for the existing smart water meter users. Subscription for the portal will be free and voluntary. Subscribed users will be able to access the following features:

· Check their own water usage daily.

· Develop strategies to reduce water usage.